Instagram Likes Hipstamatic

As previously discussed in Instagram API Ecosystem, the key to Instagram’s success has been its API. This has allowed many third party applications to create a thriving ecosystem around the iPhone app.

As proof to its success, it was just announced that Instagram actually has 27 million users.

Its interesting that to continue this phenomenal growth, Instagram has announced a change in approach by partnering with Hipstamtic. They will allow Hipstamatic to post photos directly from their app to the Instagram service. Previously it was only possible to perform a custom action on an image from other camera apps into Instagram using the API and iPhone hooks.

Hipstamatic is by no means a small player in the iPhone camera apps market with a revenue of $10 million last year. This partnership will help both parties.

Its clear that Apple approves of this growing use of their technology for iPhoneography, as both have previously been selected by Apple as iPhone app of the year, Hipstamtic in 2010 and Instagram in 2011.

There will be much interest in which other partners are announced over the coming months.  As part of the Instagram API ecosystem, TinyShinyApps looks forward to the future developments and their integration into PictoBento.