TapLynx Framework

TapLynx Framework

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Using the TapLynx Framework

We use the TapLynx Framework to rapidly develop your app and allow swift submission through the App Store process. The TapLynx Framework has been developed by Newsgator and features in many applications in the App Store. The TapLynx framework allows easy aggregation of all your content in a single application. See our Portfolio for concepts.

Tiny Shiny Apps is a TapLynx Partner.

TapLynx Features

Features of the TapLynx Framework include:

  • Content aggregation

e.g. YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Audioboo. Any RSS feed can be included.

  • Content sharing

Via Twitter and Email

  • Customisable styles

Applications can be customised with required logos and styles.

  • Remote customisation

Applications can be customised remotely to allow release of additional content with requiring users to upgrade.

Current Version

The current version of TapLynx is 1.4 which allows builds for iOS4.

Extending TapLynx

We have added extra functionality to the TapLynx Framework to ensure that all features of the iPhone can be used by your app.

  • Phone
  • Maps
  • Camera
  • Email
  • Push Notifications