Discussing Your App Idea

The best thing you can do with your app idea is to share it. The more you discuss it, the more you will validate the idea. It will grow and develop in your mind. Others will contribute their suggestions to the project. They may offer help. They may offer words of caution.

“If you’re not discussing your idea, you’re going to kill it.” 

Silence suffocates ideas. The worst thing you can do is try to protect your idea under a veil of secrecy.

Uber For X

No idea is unique. No idea hasn’t been done before. No idea has no competition.

Being unique isn’t a requirement for an app. Creating an app which is similar to something else is a typical approach. That’s why you hear pitches for “the Uber for x” or “the AirBNB for x”.

Idea vs. Execution

And no idea can be copied just by hearing it. An idea is nothing without execution. The same genesis of an idea will have two wildly different implementations when done by two different people. Variations by market segment, cost, quality, location etc all take an idea on a different tangent.


You need to give oxygen to your idea. It’s more than likely that you are going to need to attract a small team of developers, marketers and users to help your idea succeed. You need to get into the flow of talking about your idea. Being passionate about your idea and critiquing your idea.

Discarding Your Idea

The best thing you can do with a bad app idea is to drop it. It could be a bad idea for many reasons. It might be the wrong idea or the wrong time.

Discarding an app project at the idea stage is much less damaging than discarding an app 6 months after launch when it hasn’t been as successful at you had hoped.


This discussing and discarding process needs to repeat itself as many times as necessary to discover the idea that is your app winner.

If your idea only exists in an echo chamber it will fail to get started. And starting is everything.